Where To Find The Best Webcam Shows?

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Where To Find The Best Webcam Shows?

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If you Google, webcam shows every website under the sun will appear, how does that help you find the right site for you?  It really doesn’t its just advertising and websites paying for their ads, using Google Adwords.  So, you want to find the best webcam shows, but don’t know where to start.  That is why we publish articles based around the adult industry to help keep you informed and up to date on the best of the best.  The site that we suggest, is also currently ranked as the top webcam site according to Alexa’s rankings.  Alexa ranked Chatubate at #70.  This is not an e-commerce site, so for an adult webcam site, that is ranked at the top.  If you are not familiar with Alexa, it’s an Amazon company that shows what websites are successful, and how they are growing.  So, to show a comparison, PornHub ranked at #17, because those are people looking for free porn.  However, webcam sites are not considered “porn”, its considered live webcam shows.  Therefore, those are some amazing numbers.  I ran other sites similar to Chaturbate and they don’t even come close.

What makes Chatubate so unique and why is it the number one in the webcam sex industry, because they are 100% free to use.  The sign up is simple.  The signup literally takes under two minutes.  The site just needs an email, you choose your username and password and you are set up like that!  Now for adult websites, I am going to say, Chatubate by far is a lot more fun and exciting versus PornHub, because these are live streaming everyday models, getting off live on cam!  No scripts, no Hollywood, No Professional Actors/Actresses.  These are moms, students, you know everyday people.  That kind of makes a bit naughtier.  Imagine that this is really the girl next door, the neighborhood mom who makes brownies for the school bake sale, the college student studying to become a nurse or engineer.  These are real people who choose to do this either as a part-time or full-time living.  To me, personally, that is a lot more erotic and just outright naughty.

The site is user-friendly, they use #hashtags which are great for social media to promote the types of shows they are willing to do, and helps match models and users.  The chatrooms are screenshot every few minutes, therefore you can see the model before or entering their chatroom.  Everyone has something they like whether it’s a big busty redhead, or a skinny college co-ed, perhaps their is already a live sex show happening, you will see it.  Membership is 100% totally Free and you can upgrade your account at any time you wish.  So, if you are looking for something new, then starting at a perhaps a porn video, go find yourself some real live kinky fun and signup totally free and trust me you won’t regret reading this article.  This article is to give you some education insight and why webcam shows are much more fun, than your tube sites!


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